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Quilt testing.

Nothing I can show you until April, but I did spend 8 hours today working with the scan n cut and making 4 blocks for this circus quilt that I am testing.  (3 more to go).  I am convinced this is the type of thing that ensures one a special place.   There are innumerable small pieces that need to be appliqued onto the background blocks.   Each block is 14″ square finished. and can have 40 pieces of applique on it.  The pieces are put on with a fusible, but someone will need to go back and sew every tiny piece down (after all 9 are fused). or there is a good chance of losing pieces when it is handled and/or washed.  This will become a ufo simply because I don’t want – at this point- to sew all the pieces down.   I will finish testing the pattern and find it a nice box in which to rest.   Maybe someone will want to finish it someday – but I doubt it will be me.

HOWEVER, I have learned the basic steps for my Scan n cut, which is why I agreed to test the quilt.    So I’m going to count it a success.