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2005 Kit


Does purchasing this in 2005 mean that it’s vintage?    It’s a fairly small project and time to get it out of the sewing room.   I can only assume that the blocks that were supposed to be on the pockets became part of a quilt, so I will have to come up with a couple blocks for the pockets.  I did get everything cut out and the front pieces and the back pieces sewed together.


Then I put batting on the back and drew some lines 2″ apart and sewed on them for the quilting.    So now I need to make blocks, put them on, and start the inside pockets

For the first half of this year, I’ll have fewer hours for handcrafts since I am taking treatments for 2 months to hopefully avoid knee surgery and then in April will have the cataract surgery.  That will be gardening time, and I am so hoping to be able have a garden.    Please be patient, even so. I will try to get some fun and informative things done to tell you about.

IMPORTANT:   For those of you who are over 65, check with your insurance to see if you can get a Silver Sneakers card.  If you can, many gyms will honor them and you can use the gym at no cost.   If you want training or classes, they are less expensive as well.