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Groceries – week 1 and more

I thought it might be interesting to actually track what we purchase each week this year and if it isn’t where we want it, then we can modify our purchasing habits next year.   I’m not sure if I should include eating out or not.  Maybe and then I’ll also know how much we splurge.

IMG_3790 This was Tuesday’s purchase since our Vitamix is not back from being repaired. $5.00


Wednesday is senior day at the local grocery store, giving us 7% off the bill, so I obliged them.   Cauliflower was on sale – oh happy day!    I purchased 4 heads, plus the other groceries here.  $105.64

IMG_3812 Today is Azure co-op day.   $76.26.  The 2 gallons of honey I so much need did not come in on this order.   But there is more red cabbage, some turmeric and sunchokes that I will plant and some sweet potatoes.   Oh, and yes, frozen pizzas for when I just can’t cook.

We did eat out once this week at our favorite Mexican place  “Rio Blanco”   $26.00

Week 1:   26.00 eating out and  186.90 groceries.  That seems high to me, but let’s see happens the rest of the month.

CRASH:   DH decided to go to the store before bed – do I need to count his treats as well.   I suppose I should, but that added another 42.51, which would bring the total to $229.41 plus eating out

I did get some bread baked this morning which is half gone already.   And I’ve been working on a quilt that I’m testing but can’t show until they publish it in July.