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Time to pay the piper


It’s so easy to look back and see what the better path would have been.   So today, I paid for yesterday by sitting.   It just shouldn’t take so long to get back to par after a surgery.  Above are 3 sweet potatoes that I am hoping will send out runners I can plant.   If I wait until the seed houses have them in April, it will be too late to plant them in this area (Seattle).   So they are sitting on little toothpick legs and I am hoping for the bestIMG_3876Another wash cloth designed by Janet Nogle.  We were given about 9 rows a day and I was behind.   Janet finished the pattern yesterday.   However, sitting today gave me opportunity to catch up.IMG_3878I started these socks on #4 needles, but they are tight.  I need to buy some #5 needles and redo them.IMG_3869IMG_3850These are photos of this week’s groceries $32.89 and 34.95.    Plus we got a gallon of honey from the co-op for 50.50 which made 118.34 for this week.  We also ate out last week  $23. which I didn’t record and again this week $24.   So for this month groceries have been 305.24 and eating out has been $73.00.  And it’s going to get a lot worse since I’m needing lots of food for an open house for DH’s birthday next week end.