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Happy New Year 2016


“A Knitter’s Gifts” by Denise at “Just Quiltin” has been resurrected.   I had planned to put fancy borders on it, but it is large enough without all the extra work.   It’s wanting to get  done so it can cuddle instead of being in a pile.

IMG_3752Today I did some finishing work and put small borders on it and now it will have to wait until I can stand on my leg long enough to get it quilted.   This should get done about the end of this month.   The surgery and having to use a walker is hampering me a wee bit.


Some of the day was also spent looking at different projects for this year – as if I don’t have enough.   One of the things I want to do is go through books I have and make quilts out of them.  I will start with this book which is a Fons and Porter book sometime this month.


This is the one I did 13 years ago from this book.   I made it in flannel and loved it so much I made it twice – both gifts.


“UpWords with Max Lucado”

I absolutely love these weekly messages. and today’s message     needs to be shared as it is a perfect message for this new year.   We all get bogged down thinking less of ourselves than God does.

“Unnoticed? Neglected? Ignored? Not even close—to how God sees you! If you’re feeling unnoticed and under-appreciated, take a look at how God sees you as recorded in 1 Peter 2:9: “You are a chosen people, royal priests, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession.” Or how about this description from Isaiah 61:10:  “He has covered me with clothes of salvation and wrapped me with a coat of goodness, like a bridegroom dressed for his wedding, like a bride dressed in jewels.”

When your self-esteem sags—remember what you’re worth! Remember that you were bought with a price, not with something that ruins like gold or silver, but with the precious blood of Christ, the pure and perfect lamb. Remember that! Meditate on it! Focus on it! Allow God’s love to change the way you look at—you!”

Again, may you be blessed a wonderful 2016