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Palette usage 2016



This morning we received a light dusting of snow.   What a great excuse to sit and look out the window and knit.

IMG_3785I worked on these socks off and on throughout the day (it is rain now) and have progressed up to the heel, which makes me happy.

I am following Judy’s yardage stash reduction reports again this year.  My net usage last year was 241.22 yards.  This year the goal is 300 yards.   But I promise not to punish myself if I don’t reach it.  One must reach high to gain ground.   The expectations for finishes in January are low since I only count yardage once the quilt is complete.  At the top of this page, you will find a button to get to the page where the yardage use is recorded.   In that way, you don’t have to read it if it is boring to you.    This is only Jan 3 and I have neither bought or used fabric up to now.

I’d love to hear what some of the your goals are.   Mine are high, because I do have a lot of yardage and my children are threatening if there is a lot left when I go, that they will just bring in a dumpster.  But many of you do not have as much as resides here, so your goals will be much more modest.   Please comment and let us know what they are