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Goodbye Roo and the ophthalmologist


 Isn’t he just beautiful.   IMG_3776My 2 year old bantam rooster went to live with some folks who had 9 hens and no roo.   I shall miss him, but DH is insisting we don’t need a bunch of chicks who will grow up to be more hens and roosters.    I guess he’s right, but I shall miss this quiet little gem who spent nights at the front door.   And that is another reason he has changed homes.   He had a small harem that would not stay in the field with the other chickens.   They wanted to stay up at the house with him.  The mess was a bit much.

It’s been a tough animal time.   Before surgery, I had to sell the 3 alpacas and 6 sheep to get the numbers down to where my non-farming DH was willing to take on those chores.  As soon as I am back to normal, that will change. I have sheep lined up, but am not sure if I will get more alpacas, simply because I’ve had a difficult time finding   someone to shear them.

The Dr. visit this morning simply confirmed what my mind knew, but was trying to deny and that is this year will be the year I will most likely need cataract surgery.   The end of this month will be the visit to the surgeon.    I’ve known for 3-4 years that I was borderline, but hoped the improved diet would change that for the better.   It hasn’t so far.