More scraps and end of boot

IMG_3842The doctor’s visit today was positive.   Look, no boot!   However, I do still have to keep the foot up a lot of the day as there is still much swelling.   Here were my instructions.    “Begin to transition out of the CAM boot.   Work on gait formalization, strength, balance, and proprioception”    I had to look up that last word.   So I’m to add 10% weekly to my walking.   Starting point is 5000 steps this week.   Nerve pain is okay, muscle pain is not.    So still a lot of sitting.  But progress is being made.


And while sitting, I can put blocks together.  This is the progress made today. I’ve started to put rows together, but already,I see I need to add a couple more rows on the bottom as I think I want it square.  It is 49″ wide and will have 1 or 2 borders on it.   It hasn’t made much dent in the scraps though.

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  1. jatshaw says:

    That’s a colorful quilt! So glad to hear that your foot is healing well.