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Baby girl!


 I started working on the picnic quilt again this morning and had  nearly finished the third block when DH texted me.   These blocks take about an hour each.   Since DH is not real comfortable with any new happening in the barnyard, he investigated to see why this sheep was bawling.  Then of course, texted me to come see.    What I saw was one sheep lying down, with all the other sheep surrounding her.   And of course she was complaining.  Then came the zoo, which is trying to get her in the birthing pen by herself.   She didn’t really want to go, but all the others were very willing (grain helps)


This is the sheep that I thought might have trouble because she is so small.  I watched her with one little hoof at the door for about half an hour at which point I called the vet and told him Mauve was really pushing, but nothing else was happening.    He had just told me to go in and find the second hoof, when with one big heave, out came two hooves and a nose.    And was she ever wiggly!    She tossed that little head around like a fish out of water.  This was mom’s first time, and she wasn’t really sure what was going on.   I picked baby up and put her by Mauve’s head and  instant  connection.   She started cleaning her daughter.IMG_2476

She is beautiful, with the ears and lankiness of her father and a beautiful caramel coat.  I have my fingers crossed for a coat somewhat like dad’s long silky one.

Just out of curiosity, do any of you know why the lamb instantly goes to the front of mom for a meal and takes awhile to realize the food is at the other end?