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Bees and more scraps?


The bees have not been housekeeping very well.  They have been storing the honey in bands that go from one frame to the other instead of straight along the frame.   Not that it really affects them, but it makes it more difficult for the human to get the honey.

Though there are many, many, many bees in the one hive, it appears that some of them flew off in a swarm with their queen this spring, so there isn’t a queen in there.  But there are enough bees, they are being divided into two colonies and the fellow helping me is bringing out 2 new queens tomorrow.    The hive I thought was not doing so well, is a slower hive, but has a good queen, quietly doing her job of laying eggs.


How can that be?   I thought after the last big scrap cutting event, I had them all organized and in one place.    Not so!   I found several more smaller boxes that had scraps tossed in them, more or less by width sizes.   Now I need to put all of one color together and in one box so they are usable.   I find I have about 3 times as many scraps as I thought.   That should keep me busy this week.