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A birthday!


Yes, I added another year to my age.   It is terrific that I am still active and can add another year.  Daughter, Jennifer sent this pretty fruit basket.   Another daughter called to tell me, there is a picture book coming.   Many friends from whom I rarely hear wished me a happy birthday (for your part, thank you Facebook).  It was a very good day which I will end with knitting.


IMG_2194  IMG_2197

My friend, Mary, came over and we spent an enjoyable day in the studio embroidering these little ants for a coming quilt.   Naturally, there was also much conversation and laughter.


 For lunch, I made my favorite cream of Broccoli soup from the 5 Loaves cookbook     I started by putting an onion and half a red pepper in the blender with a cup of water.  I added 1 teas of garlic powder, l teas of savory, and 1 Tbsp of chicken-like seasoning.   I brought these to a boil and simmered 10 minutes.  Meanwhile I took some frozen broccoli from Costco, microwaved it 1 minute and cut into small pieces.   Then I put it in with the onion and added 2 more cups of water, brought it to a boil and let it cook, maybe 10 minutes – until the broccoli was still green but nearly done.  While the broccoli was cooking I put 3/4 cup raw cashews in the blender with 1/4 potato starch and 2 cups water and blended well.  I poured this into the broccoli, mixed well and served.     I usually make double or triple this much as it freezes so well and I love having it for those days I don’t want to cook.

I did not get the lambs we’ve been expecting for a week.   But then I guess the ewe’s bodies know best.