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Dog Collar and ear infection

dog collar

As promised, here is the Martingale dog collar we made yesterday.

 A week and a half ago, I went to the doctor because my ear was popping as if I were in an airplane.   It was decided the ear had wax build up and she should remove it.   She sent a nurse in to do a wash, except that was not successful.   The nurse then decided she needed implements.   She came back with what looked like a dental pick and a tweezers.   Neither was successful so I was sent home with ear drops to use for 2 weeks.   After a week, my ear hurt enough to send me to urgent care when I got up.  They took the wax out carefully and told me that my ear was inflamed and gave me antibiotic to put in it.    What I learned from this was that I should have objected when the first nurse came with tools that didn’t belong in the ear.   That would have same me from the infection.   So BEWARE.


As well as helping daughter find an apartment, I’ve done a bit of knitting.