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Blue scraps and bees


Today Jeremy came back and nearly finished up with the hives.   He didn’t bring marshmallows for the queen boxes and I never buy them.  So tomorrow he will come back and fit the queen boxes with those.   The worker bees eat it and free the queen, that makes here their queen.   Do you see the tiny box – the darker spot in the middle – that is where the queen is right now.  There is a cork plug on one end which will be replaced by the marshmallow.   The workers can feed her through the mesh on the side of the box.  Then Friday, I will check and see if they have released her.   If so, I can remove the queen box.

IMG_2424After all our shopping this morning, I worked on pulling the blue scraps out of 4 different boxes and putting them all in one.   Then I took this photo to show you, then I turned around to start the greens and there was another pile of blue scraps of which I did not take a photo.


There were reproducing as I was putting them away.   Here is the final  (I hope) photo of them.   I could barely get the lid on them.  Remember, these do not include the ones that I cut into squares – only the longer ones.    And I’ve used a lot of scraps in my quilts.   Oh, well, I just have more to use.   Tomorrow, I hope to tackle the greens.