Surprise vacation

I was given a surprise vacation this week.   Wordpress updated automatically and a number of us have not been able to get into our blogs and websites.   I have spent hours upon hours this week.   I am tiptoeing in here, because things aren’t quite right yet

At any rate, I hope you had a marvelous Independence day, whether Canadian or American.  This usually indicated summer as officially here in the Pacific Northwest, although it was early this year.

As you can see from the above photo, I haven’t made much quilting progress.  Maybe tomorrow, my machine will be ready to come home.  If so, I can pick it up when we get the hearing aids fitted and ordered.

Most of the sheep have fresh coats on now and will move Sunday to a new field of weeds.

We have been picking and eating blueberries and other foods from the garden, and most of all, we have been watering and watering and watering.

So my plan is to be back to blogging again on Sunday to fill you in on life on a mini farm near the city.

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  1. Judy Shaw says:

    Love that quilt. What a pretty pattern!