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New arrival, blueberries

Here is our new arrival, still wet, and having her first meal.  We thought McKenzie and the other Shetlands were all bred earlier, so were not concerned and put all the ewes together with our Cormo herdsire.   Dumb idea which won’t happen again.   This was a bit of a surprise as we thought we were done.   And again, we think we are done.

These are the blueberry bushes that I am becoming very acquainted with.   See on the right how the berries will ripen 2-4 at a time/place.   So the same bushes are picked over and over again.  It seems slow as I only get about 5# or l gallon an hour.   However, I now have 50# in the freezer.  We love blueberries in various ways during the winter.

My design wall is not as big as needed for this flimsy.  I have finished and the border you see on the bottom is all the way around.   Next, I will pick out the backing and get it on the quilting machine where I will look at it for 2 weeks and then decide I need to get it done right away.   And the frenzy will begin, but it will get quilted and bound in time for gifting.

And in between the other fun stuff on this farm,  with this heat, we are fighting fly strike, which is no fun for humans or animals.