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Neglected garden

This neglected garden has been on its own this summer.   DH goes out faithfully and waters, and I go out and grab something for a meal, but it has not been weeded.   Volunteer tomatoes and weeds have been having a heyday.  The first beets planted are ready to pick and pickle and preserve.  Then I need to get more in the ground.

After two hours of work, it is starting to look like a garden once again.   I had not taken the time to tie up plants and they were acting like ground cover.  The little plants in the left foreground are winter broccoli.   We particularly like the greens in late winter.  But they are far to close together at this point.

I am half done.   Somewhere I need to find time to do the other half and space these plants.   Maybe, tomorrow, I’ll take the time – oh No, how did it get to the end of the week already.  That means a run to the grocery and perhaps a bit of floor sweeping and preparing meals for the next day.   Maybe the garden will get fit in, but it’s a huge maybe.   It is difficult to get everything into the week that wants to get done.