Daily Archives: July 22, 2018




Bathing Lacey

Most things are easier than bathing Lacey, an 85# dog that doesn’t wish to be bathed.  And of course there are no photos of all this, because how does one hold a camera while the dog is forced into a large tub, climbs out, slips out of her collar and goes and hides.   However, I cornered her and the second time, she and I were together in the master bath – this time with the door closed so she couldn’t get away.  And she is spending the night in the house to get nice and dry before she returns to her digging habits.

We are very much enjoying the fresh vegetables from the garden.  I made several Zucchini lasagna casseroles since we are busy enough that it is convenient to have something to quickly take from the freezer and have a good meal.  Today I picked 2 small zukes for sauteing.  There are many green peppers on the plants that I’m hoping will turn red and orange as they are sweeter, but I needed one today, so I did pick one.

In addition to the vegetables we are enjoying packing away blueberries for this winter.   I picked another 15 pounds this morning.   I’m very happy to not have to pick them everyday.  A new friend from Canada has commercial blueberry fields, and was telling me about the machines they use to pick the berries.   I will continue to hand pick these – yes more labor intensive, but I don’t have acres and acres of berries, so it’s okay.