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Hot weather

We are having unusually hot weather for July as are many of you.   Because this is unusual for us, we have not invested in air conditioning.  So we have a single fan – why buy another when we use it so seldom?  Does it slow you down as much as it does me?

In the morning before the heat, I pick blueberries for a couple of hours – 4 days a week.   If you haven’t picked blueberries before, you should try it.   Our berries are on a hillside, meaning the hill goes downhill both ways.  Therefore when picking, not only does one do the gymnastics of picking high berries, berries on the ground, berries inside the bush and berries hiding behind the leaves, but this is all done while trying to stay on your feet.  The benefits are fresh air, sunshine and exercise at no extra cost.

I just put my gorgeous Shetland rams on the market.   I need new blood and they have done a marvelous job here.

I’ll spare you the photos, but Saturday, we had the vet visit to pull a lamb that died before it arrived in this world.  The vet told us that when it gets this hot, many times (across species) mothers give a couple pushes and decide it’s too hot for that and quit.


The Autumn socks are now up to the heel flap.   So a bit of progress is being made.

I haven’t done much besides just trying to maintain in this hot weather – making sure everyone, everything has plenty of water and food.   So until things cool off and return to normal, posts will be more sporadic.

How are you doing?  Keeping up with life or slowing down in heat?