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Meet Bracken; Meet Butler

Meet Bracken:

Bracken is an 8-year-old border collie who was in the top 50 in sheep dog trials in the US.   She is being retired here because she needs a job and I need a dog that knows how to bring in the sheep when needed.   I got so much more than I expected.   She is incredibly loving and sweet.   She stepped into the stall tonight at feeding time, and I saw her do nothing, but the sheep filed out, I filled feeders and then let them back in.   That was so much more pleasant than trying to put hay in feeders over the top of the sheep.


Meet Butler:Butler is our new polled ram who will service the daughter of the rams we have been using.   He is not only beautiful, he has very soft wool and is halter trained.   He will make a great addition to the Shetland flock.

Look at gorgeous red peppers.   What a difference a hoop house and a very hot summer make!