Interesting email

This is not yet pressed, but it is together and when I have time, I will put borders on it.   The finished size will be 70 x 80.  Getting all those stars to come together properly took good pinning.

Interesting email  with your laugh for today

Really? How am I supposed to text him since I am no longer on this earth.
From The Desk Of Dr. Jerome Powell,
USA Federal Reserve Bank Chairman,Alabama Branch
Office.524 Liberty Parkway Birmingham, Alabama USA
I received an email from Mr. William Michael, he called me yesterday with this telephone number: +1(202) 860-2105 informing me that you are dead and he said that i should send him your fund to his home address: usa 94102, because he is your next of kin beneficiary to you, and he also told me that you instructed him to claim your properties including your money in case because you are no more to be found on earth.
I am very sorry to hear that you are no more to be found on earth and i don’t know that this is the reason why you have not reply the message i sent to you regarding the delivery of your fund. this is my promise to you that i am going to do everything within my power to make sure that your fund will be delivered to him as your next of kin beneficiary to you, may your soul rest in perfect peace and may god grant you internal life on the last day to come i am very very sorry.
He did also said he knew he was going to spend some money to get the fund because you told him some thing like that and i should let him know the cost, i told him to hold on and let me verify if this is true or not because i am confused now about this claims,
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Jerome Powell.
Wait for your urgent text message.
Tell phone number ((619) 537-7115)
The Current Chairman Federal Reserved Bank

2 Responses

  1. LOVE the quilt top!!!
    About the email – I thought that Dr. Powell would have a better command of the English language… May God grant you internal life!!!
    I’ve received some funny emails like this too – if only the folks who wrote them knew how really ‘funny ‘they are!

  2. Judy Shaw says:

    That is truly weird! Your quilt is going to be beautiful; it’s amazingly complex!