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Autumn socks are finished


Autumn socks are finished because I am dealing with spotty internet.   They are made from Lorna Laces sport weight wool on #4 needles.  I’m not crazy about how much orange is in the pattern, and can hardly believe I bought this yarn.  So I used plain stockinette stitch and they are done and wearable.   And when I’m wearing socks, I’m not looking at them, so who knows, the person looking at them may like these colors.  

The internet here has been extremely spotty because of modem problems.  I have been having horrible withdrawals, however, there is enough to do around here, that I have kept busy.   There are now 90# of blueberries in the freezer.  The socks are done. The garden is doing well, though, it has to be watered daily.   The dogs are digging holes in the dirt to stay cool.   It is an unusually hot summer.

20 ton of hay is being delivered in the morning.   I believe I have coordinated enough people to get it unloaded and stacked before noon.  I have water and Gatorade in the refrigerator for the workers and I really hope they will be done before noon, when the temperature is scheduled to reach 80 degrees.   This is too hot to have to be working this hard.

There has been so much to do this summer that it is going fast and before I blink a  few more times, I’ll be wondering where it went.

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  1. I’m always astonished at how quickly summer seems to fly by – especially when winter seems to drag on almost forever!
    LOVE those socks! I’m not a huge fan of orange either, but, like you said, you won’t see them when you’re wearing them. I’m trying to finish 3 pairs of socks for Christmas – the first sock has the heel turned, but I don’t seem to have enough time to knit lately…
    Have you seen the new Hawthorne sock yarns? The yarn is done on either a white or black base – I REALLY like the looks of it, but because of my lack of knitting time, I’m just enjoying it from afar.
    We’ve finally had some much-needed rain (and the accompanying mosquitos!), and my garden has taken off – especially the weeds! Today is a beautifully sunny day, and I’ve got laundry on the clothesline – so weeding is next on the agenda…