Tied to the kitchen

I’m starting to feel a bit tied to the kitchen, which is never good, because bites of food find their way into my mouth.  We finished processing the soup between other jobs.   Two students came to help me today in the rain.   One of them cleaned stalls in the barn and worked in the hoop house, weeding, fertilizing, watering, thinning lettuce and planting carrots. The other cut blackberry vines and planted corn (I hope it’s not too early)

We harvested two crispers full of lettuce today.   We need to up our intake or we will have a refrigerator full of lettuce.

Meanwhile, I got some basic house cleaning done and tried a new recipe for “kamut sandwich bread” – yes, kneaded by hand.  It did not rise like I would have liked.   I will buy fresh yeast and see if that was the problem.  It does taste good and is not heavy, so I’m not sure if it is the yeast or that kamut doesn’t rise like the wheat I normally use.

I’m still a bit tired from our mad dash across the mountains Saturday to see my aunt who is in the hospital (8 hrs of driving), so I spent part of this afternoon sitting and plying some more of the wool for the sweater.    Maybe,  just maybe, tomorrow, I’ll visit the sewing/quilting studio.


2 Responses

  1. Dar in MO says:

    What kind of soup did you make? I’ve never heard of kamut. WIll look it up. THe bread looks pretty high to me, but I know what you mean. I recently made some Muesli toasting bread with lots of nuts and fruit, and it too was not very high rising. I am going to try it again, only this time in the bread machine to see if it makes a different. Maybe my hand kneading needs some more practice. lol

  2. I’m tired just reading about all your escapades! It’s always surprising to me how tiring sitting in a car, and then probably in the hospital, and then in the car again, actually is. Maybe the mental attention that we need to pay while driving adds to that…
    I’m guessing that your bread didn’t rise a lot because of the flour – and based on the fact that it wasn’t heavy makes me think that fresher yeast might not improve it much. Was the recipe specifically written for Kamut, or did you just substitute it for the flour called for?