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Bees and pea soup

The new bees arrived today.  I hope they will be happy here.   We will do our best to keep them comfortable.  Maybe I can find a spot to put in a bee garden of flowers they especially like.  We got them set up and then couldn’t find their water bottles so we called several stores.   All were out of them, so we are improvising with chicken watering bottles.  By the time, we had done what we could to make them happy, we had spent 3 hours.  And that doesn’t count the hours, we go back out just to look and see that everything is good.  Does anyone know if I have to fence around them so the sheep won’t knock them down?

We were out of split pea soup which is a big calamity around here.   But someone forgot to tell me we were getting low, and I wasn’t keeping track.   For him, it’s a staple.  He likes about 5 pints a week.    I made up 50  pints because that was all the jars I had available.   I processed 2 batches today and will do the others tomorrow.   That will give him enough for 2 more months.  Then I can do some more just before it gets hot which will probably be about the end of July.  However, it’s been a cool spring, so it may not get really hot this summer.   It seems as soon as I get a few jars empty, there is something else to put in them.

Sheep fix:  https://youtu.be/kASFnc3ReK0