Daily Archives: May 8, 2017

Uncoordinated bits and pieces


Todays news is uncoordinated bits and pieces

You know someone is walking really close behind you when they step on the back of your sandal.  She does wait at the door when I come into the house, though I think if given any encouragement, she would love to come in.  Her nose is frequently in my hand and sometimes checking out the pockets.


Daughter gave me this cute knitting bag.  My guess is she was tired of seeing the Ziploc bags in which I was constantly carrying the knitting.   So now this bag carries the beginning of a new pair of socks.   Perhaps I can find the instructions soon and put them in the bag as well.

I also took apart the legs of 2 pair of jeans in preparation for adding designs on them.  If you have ever had to remove the original stitching, then you know why they hold together so well.

Today’s frustration was that I hire people, tell them exactly what I want and after 1/2 day’s work, they tell me that they are done for today and will come back next week or later in the week for another day.  Today, I was privileged to have 2 people help with the clearing and one to spray fruit trees and whatever else needed doing.   The fruit trees are sprayed.   She lasted 4 hours today and will be back to work more tomorrow.   The others- one lasted 3 hours and the other 6 hours and they want to come back next week for a day.   Is this something new?  I mean the sun was shinning, which has to be better than working in rain.  How does one hire people who are willing to work all day and several days until the job is done?