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April’s finishes May’s goals

May Monthly goals:  May will have more outside activities, so fewer inside goals.

  1. Linking up to ONE Monthly Goal to get this Sanibel Island piece done.  
  2. Patchwork times chose #11, so maybe I will get this rabbit done
  3. Hatched in Africa designs will go on at least one pair of jeans
  4. WA state quilters  will be my fish quilt.  I will aim to get two sections done this month

If spring actually shows up, even this may be pushing it and I may not get these all done.   But I will try.

April’s finishes –  monthly goals did not all get done.  But 4 out of 7 items are finished and I’m happy about that.

DONE:   1.   Linking up with Elm Street  One Monthly Goal finishing Spidron which is hand work.

DONE:   2.   Patchwork times Judy has chosen #1 which on my list will be 11 (since 1 has been finished)  It is a braided table runner kit by Jenny Beyer, which is still in the package.

3.   All People Quilt will be Winter Wonderland Wild bunny -which did not get started last month

DONE:  4.   HIA will be a Monster Truck boys quilt found at  https://hatchedinafrica.com/detail.aspx?id=1692&c=&sc=

5.   WA state #4 fish quilt.   I need to digitize the applique for this quilt, so need to start it now.   There is no way it will get finished this month.

DONE:  6.   I would like to get Judy L “Tell it to the stars” quilted and bound.

7.   I have designs to digitize for 7 dishtowels.