Daily Archives: May 16, 2017

Overwhelmed, understaffed, and lists

What do I do when overwhelmed and understaffed?   I make more and more detailed lists.    At the top of the day, when I wasn’t sure which way to go, I started writing down all the things that were bothering me.   I knew they couldn’t all be achieved today or even this week.  On paper, they are not bogging my brain down.  Having made these lists, I could then do a better job of prioritizing.  And yes, more was added as the day went on.  I mean who knew that

the washing machine wanted to die today?    And who knew that when I went to REI to get a pair of gym pants, they would have nothing casual?  Every pair they had were meant to show every wrinkle in the skin.  So after an hour of driving to and from REI, I went to my list and added, “shop for pants and a washing machine”    Costco is sending me pants to try and probably Sears will be delivering a washing machine (still deciding).   Now that was so much easier and better than chasing all over the countryside, wasting time and gas.   I do love some of these modern conveniences even though I believe that we should know how to be self-sufficient.

And who knew my neighbor would call trying to find another neighbor who was no longer in the nursing home (she was transferred back to the hospital)?   Who knows what a day will bring, which is one reason I need my lists for a larger picture of what has to be done and what can be pushed off.

What did I achieve today?

  1. made these muffins that we had with yogurt and fruit for dinner.

  2.  made a list of things to be done by the woman who periodically helps me with the garden and animals.

  3. Called repair for washer and water under wood floor.   Will run fan for 2 days to try to save floor.

  4. at stated above made a trip to REI

  5. researched which washer I want to buy and sent link to

  6. checked bees water

  7. went through fleeces and put a lock in that sheep’s folder

  8. watered hoop house

  9. paid the bills that were due

  10. Copied the utility bills and delivered the neighbors for them to pay

  11. Checked in with a sheep neighbor for info and to see she’s okay

  12. contacted sheep person for registrations for sheep I purchased a year ago

  13. ordered dog food

  14. did two loads of wash before disaster

  15. got lemon tree moved to hoop house

  16. checked on Aunt and found she was moved to rehab today

  17. sew a button on a jacket

  18. and all the things we do every day and don’t count – sweep floors, make meals, feed animals, etc, etc, etc.

  19. There will be more things done between now and bedtime that I can check off.  But then again, I’ll think of more to add.

  20. sewed on my bunny.

Did you notice how many of these items only took a few minutes?     What did you achieve today?   I’ll bet it was a lot more than you gave yourself credit for.   Make a list of everything you do in a day.   It will surprise you, because normally one gets to the end of the day and can’t think of much that was accomplished.  At least that’s what happens here.  When I make a list, I can see that something is done which in turn makes me feel better.

Okay, it’s your turn.   GO make those lists.  And I would love to hear how it went.