Daily Archives: May 22, 2017

Recycling, sheep, nettles = farming

Recycling day – Amazon, we wish you would collect all the cardboard that you bring here.    The car is as full as it can be and hopefully the driver can see out.   It will go to the recycling place in the morning.

It is terrific to have a sheep who comes when called.   Ava (in pink) and her son went out through the gate when I drove in.   DH  found her and opened the gate.   No response until I called her.   Then she was so happy to come in.   Another great thing is that she is an alpha to the group.   When she runs, they all want to see what she has found.   So she is helpful in that way as well.

It was a wonderfully warm day again, but our helper spent 6 hours cutting nettles, so that they wouldn’t bloom and create more trouble.

And the new washer arrived.   It has been test driven and is so quiet, one barely knows that it is running.   Our last one could be heard throughout the house when spinning.

I tried to digitize this, but I’m at the very beginning and it was sunny outside and I can come up with as many excuses as a child as to why nothing happened.   I got nowhere on this today and there are 7 days and a pot holder to do.   I will learn, but you won’t see much in the way of results for awhile.