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machine embroidery

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Jeans and hospital visit


Jeans – one more thing off the list – well, not quite, because I still need to stitch up the inseam.  This stitch out took 2.5 hours of stitching.  The design is from  Hatched in Africa called “Jacobean Jewels #1669″   It would be pretty to add the crystals, but I think they are pretty just the way they are.   For each pant leg, I combined two designs to make the design go farther up the leg. 

 In addition to that, we visited a neighbor who is in the hospital.   She is 91 and should have better care than she is getting.   Tomorrow, she is being transferred to a hospital in Seattle.  After heart valve surgery, we don’t know how long she will be there or where she will be transferred next.   She’s been inpatient since the first of April and very tired of it.

Tomorrow, we will try to put more coats on sheep and then for the near future, I may be spending more time visiting with Alice in the hospital.

I am surprised I didn’t hear from more of you about how much you are getting done that you didn’t realize you are doing.   Keep listing.   You’ll be surprised.