Shopping for essentials

We spent much today shopping for essentials.   That is if you call tractors and washing machines essentials.   We looked at both and will take the next week to make decisions.   The tractor salesman may have talked himself out of deal.   He is coming over next week to look at the land, but really thought he knew someone who would do the work we need at an incredibly low price.   But then sometimes that is too good to be true.   We will wait and see.

The washing machine has a higher priority.   I am not finding a top loader that has all that I want and that I can still fill with water if I want to soak something or even dye it.  So I’m still searching.   It seems the companies have gone to the programmed machine that weighs the clothes and decides how much water that load will need.

We did buy groceries and light bulbs, so we are all set for the weekend.

4 Responses

  1. Franna Pitt says:

    I miss my old top loading washing machine. We got a “top rated” front loader. Yeah, it cleans clothes, but the seal leaks unless I’m really careful about cleaning it every time, there is no lint/dog hair catcher that is easy to clean, and it’s not good for felting. Good luck to you in finding a good one!

    …and I’m still making lists, too. Sometimes I even add things I’ve completed to the list, so I have something to check off. ;-)

  2. Sally Walter says:

    Have you looked at Speed Queen washers? I didn’t want a front loader, just an old fashioned top loader with standard functions, no digital controls. I found exactly what I wanted but it wasn’t cheap. https://www.speedqueen.com/

  3. Sally Walter says:

    My brother, the electrical engineer, independently selected the same brand for the same reasons. I had a front loader that was in my mom’s house when she moved back to Vancouver. I used it because we had left my washer in WW. The seal collected moisture and required constant attention. I used it but when it quit pumping out water, I wasn’t sorry. The top loader with a standard agitator was on my list. I never wanted to see a front loader again!

  4. Has your tractor salesman shown up yet to look at your land?
    We now have a front-loading washing machine, which I love for a lot of reasons, but I still have an old wringer washer for times when I need the agitator. You can’t “felt” in a front loader!