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Preparing wool, thunder, lightning

After two and a half days of wonderful weather, the storm rolled in.   This afternoon we have had thunder, lightning and buckets of rain.  So I’m getting to this post before the power goes out.

Preparing the wool for spinning.

After removing as much vegetable matter as I could, I washed this wool

 and here it is laying on a screen drying.  When dry and any vegetable matter I can pick out has been removed,

I roll it on this carding machine to get all the fibers going the same direction before spinning it.

I then roll it into these rolags from which I spin.

This afternoon

These beautiful flowers arrived from my oldest son.





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  1. Sally Walter says:

    Happy Birthday, a bit late! The flowers are lovely! And that carding machines is so much more efficient than the hand carders DH brought home from his mother’s collection, simple but such a labor saving device.