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One bite at a time



Remember the old joke “How does one eat an elephant – answer: one bite at a time.”    That’s how I feel about the farm in the spring.   I can only deal with one thing at a time.

Today I weeded the hoop house with Ava following me along on the outside.  She is funny!  So the weeding is done, the cucumbers are in the ground and the watering is done for today.  Watering will be a daily thing for the summer.    I also did the fertilizing and put down Sluggo for the slugs to enjoy.

For the lettuce I tried one of those preplanted items one lays on the ground and adds a thin layer of soil over the top.   It was interesting and they are so thick that I need to thin them out as soon as possible.  (I doubt I’ll buy one of those again).  I am not pushing the hoop house to be full yet, because I want to save room to over-winter some foods this year.

The refrigerator crisper is full of delicious crisp lettuce and radishes with more to pick.

We put a new tarp on a storage building since the old top had shredded after 4 years and weeded the containers sitting in front.

I managed to skirt 2 more fleeces.   I started a third, but that fleece was too felted so it will become compost.

This washed and dried fleece is waiting its turn to get carded and then wait to get spun.   My goal is to make time for carding this in the next two weeks.

Right now, I’m finishing spinning some lovely roving that I started last year.  I don’t remember when I purchased, but it must be at least 2#.  Then I will ply it for a sweater.

In just two weeks these little tiny pieces of down have turned into these much larger Pilgrim geese.  Due to not spending time with them, they are rather wild.

And these were today’s bites.



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  1. You must not be hungry after all those bites! You got a lot done!