Hay, hot wire, OMG, and company

Today was busy with hay, hot wire and company.   We first had to take a partial wall and flooring out before the hay arrived. This corner holds about 3 ton.   There is more stacked at the back of the barn and another half ton in another building, a total of 6 tons.  I will have to put some 2 x 4s across the front to keep little mouths from making a mess as we won’t be breaking into this until after the first of the year.   It is beautiful, second cutting,  organic, grass hay cut this week.

We just finished stacking this, when the fellow came to work on the hot wire on the perimeter fencing.   This is taking way more time than it should because he has a full time job elsewhere.   So when school is out, he will have more time and can give hotwire and the cross fencing more time.

The home health nurse came to check on DH who is doing much better, and apparently he will be making another visit on Friday.   He was followed by our daughter, her DH and 2 sons.   It was lovely weather to sit on the deck and just enjoy the weather.  I know you’re wondering if I’ll get  back to sewing or quilting, or something involving fiber.   Sheep count, don’t they?  Rain is forecast for Thursday, so if we have no further life interruptions, I plan to get started on a new project then.   I am so itching to make something again, but the sun compels me to be outside since it is such a short season.

Meanwhile, I  am linking up to Elm streets “One Monthly Goal”  with this rabbit I finished earlier this month.

I hope you had a lovely memorial day weekend and remembered those to whom we owe this holiday.   We are blessed to have this freedom.


3 Responses

  1. Patty says:

    Cute bunny. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  2. Laura says:

    The bunny is a lovely finish!

  3. Warm Quilts says:

    What an adorable rabbit. Will you be doing another paper-pieced project for June’s OMG challenge project? I vote “yes”, sheep count!