Gorgeous day and a bunny


What a gorgeous day!.   After all the rain we’ve had for the last months, this week has been outstanding.  Today the temperature reached 76 degrees.   I spent time outside working on getting my quota of Vitamin D.  The above is what I saw when I lay on my chaise lounge.   And the forecast is for beautiful days for the next 10 days.  I think I’d just like to make a vacation of it, but that won’t happen.   I will slack off the winter pace however, as one just doesn’t get enough summer and I intend to enjoy this one.

This little paper pieced bunny is ready to be placed with the 10 other little blocks that are not yet made.   I did work just a few seams each day to accomplish this.  If I had stayed with it, I think I would not have enjoyed it.   As it was there were several seams that were put in place more than once.  I am slowly getting the idea.

2 Responses

  1. Sally Walter says:

    The bunny is adorable and I am rejoicing with you on our much improved weather forecast.

  2. Enjoy the sun! I think we’ve received your cloudy / rainy weather…
    Hooray for getting the bunny finished! I’ve done paper-piecing a few times, but still struggle with it – it’s so counter-intuitive. Maybe we both need to do more of it – a wee bit every day.