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Student farm help

As we are aging, I find that I am not getting as much done as at one time, and we also added to the work here.  This year I have help from the Tilth farm school.   They take about about 15 young students – mostly early 20s –  a year who work on the farm and have classes.   They each  have their own garden area on the farm and do farmer’s markets and at least 2 of them will be doing a CSA this year.  They learn mostly about gardening because this is the Seattle area and more city than animals.  So when I put an ad up asking for farm help, there were 2 people particularly interested in a work/learn program.   That works for me as well.   They teach me what they learn and we learn together as we do.   I asked one of them who has been here 3 weeks if this is what she expected.    Her answer was “exactly” as she wants to have her own small farm and she is getting to practice and see what works and sometimes what doesn’t work.  Between them, right now I am getting about 24 hours of work weekly.  Most of the jobs are not exciting, but they are real.   Monday, stalls were cleaned, weeds whacked, and some hoop house planting and harvesting was done.    Today, the gutters are being cleaned, and

They were also both particularly interested in the sheep. It’s difficult to wrangle sheep and take a photo at the same time, so I only have the photos of sheep after we have coats on them.   Yes, I do have to order more coats, as we didn’t have enough of the right sizes.

Ah, someone has the answer.   She thinks all of you are so busy working on your lists that you haven’t had time to let us know how you are doing.

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