Chores, shopping and some sewing

This morning, I went shopping for this orange construction fencing to keep sheep and hay apart until winter.  Then I took care of some mundane chores like vacuuming and other cleaning, watered the hoop house, and found a

little time to sew.   Because I am not in the middle of a project, I chose to sew mindlessly.   These 4″ squares were already cut out so I paired them up and sewed just over 125 pairs.   I only need to cut another 20 pair to make 2 lap quilts with them. Of course there is still a lot more to do before they become a quilt, but they are started!



2 Responses

  1. I’m so glad that you got to sew a bit! Those fabrics are sure to make fun and warm quilts.
    I usually throw my leftover fabrics into a drawer, but I’ve often thought of cutting them up into sizes that I use a lot – then, when you have a day with just a limited amount of sewing time, you can still get a fair bit accomplished!

  2. Franna Pitt says:

    How is DH doing? I’ve been out of town and am getting caught up on emails, etc. Let me know how the construction fencing works to keep sheep and hay separated. It looks like a “feeder” setup to me. ;-)