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Spidron finished, barn work

Here you see the front and back of the Spidron Mini Table Topper.   It took 4 fat quarters and 1/2 yard for the back and measures 18″ across from point to point.  The pattern is available from CD Designs.  It was only 9 years in the making.

And here is the definition of a spidron: “In geometry, a spidron is a continuous flat geometric figure composed entirely of triangles, where, for every pair of joining triangles, each has a leg of the other as one of its legs, and neither has any point inside the interior of the other.”

We also spent some time in the barn today.   The plan was to plant potatoes until the neighbor called and said we had a sheep stuck in the rose bush.   I had to cut branches off to get her loose.  So we decided as long as we were there to clean water troughs and give them clean water, and move several bales of hay.   Just before we got there, another of our ewes gave birth and has one healthy baby and one that apparently didn’t get out of the sac in time.   I’ll try to remember to get a photo of the little one tomorrow.

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  1. I’d never heard of a “spidron” before yesterday – and now I even know what it is! (Not that I could explain it to anyone…)! I’m sure it feels good to get it off the UFO pile!
    Glad to hear that you’ve added another little one to the flock – and it’s too bad about the other one… Unfortunately, it happens sometimes, even when you’re just around the corner. Hopefully there will be more healthy ones!