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Today came/went

I sat down to write this post and realized that it is dark and I have not put the sheep in for the night.

Sheep are in – I don’t know what happened to today’s hours, but they are gone – they came and went FAST.  The sheep are such fun when I let them out in the morning.   The babies leap and run and leap again for the joy of life.   Tonight when I got up there to put them in, the babies and moms were in the barn.   But in the dark, it’s hard to tell who belongs to who, so I ended up leaving the stall doors open and let the mothers sort out their offspring.   The sheep who were not bred this year, were put in a different area.  I am so thankful for having indoor facilities for them.

I am so thankful for help!    The strawberries are weeded and hoop house is cleaned out and new seeds are started.   This young lady can only help me 2 days a week, but she gets so much done, it is enough.   In fact, it is wonderful!  Next week, we will work in the barn.