Daily Archives: April 11, 2017




Monster truck blocks

These Monster truck blocks are applique designs from Hatched in Africa.   They have marvelous designs that stitch out so very good.   It takes me a little over an hour a block if I count the stopping to trim between stitchings.    I marked the fabric so they will stitch far enough apart to get 8.5″ blocks for a great boy quilt.  There are 13 different trucks, so I may make 2 or 3 of them twice.

Of course this was done after returning some of the pants to Costco and getting the short size instead of regular.  Why should I bother to hem pants, when I could just buy the right size to begin with.   Interestingly enough, the lighter colored pants were very few yesterday as the table was covered with the dark blue pants.   Today, there wasn’t a dark blue in sight.   But the light blue was abundant and had sizes there that were not there yesterday.   Do they have little fairies that come in the night time and change everything?

On our outing, I was able to get 12 tomato plants, which are now in the ground.