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A good day includes pretty flowers

I took one of our daughters shopping with me today and  because a good day calls for pretty flowers, we came home with these pretty plants to grace our front yard.  And while we were at C0stco, she found some shirts she liked.

We visited another three stores and came home with a few groceries as well.

And these hydrangea came home with me.   Now I must find them a permanent home in the ground as they will become large.

These bleeding hearts have popped back to life and will soon take over the entire corner and will need staking as well.

Spring must be ready to appear as the azaleas are also blooming.  Then why is it still so cool outside?

We didn’t grow worms last year and the year before, they didn’t make it through the winter, so this year we are starting over.   Their castings are so good for the garden. We picked these up on our morning excursion

After lunch I skirted two more of the fleeces.   This one is a very pretty silver.   Look at the lovely crimp!.

And this lovely brown is now soaking to clean.

Recap of yardage used this year.

Used this Week:   Apr 28                 9.0 yards

Used year to Date                          89.00 yards

Goal:                                                   300.00 yards

Yards to goal:                                   211.00 yards

Added this Week:                               0.00 yards
Added Year to Date:                          13.00 yards

New Yards to quilt goal:                 223.00 yards
Net Used  2017                                      77.00 yards used by the end of the 1st    third of the year, is a bit behind, but I can live with that.