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Happy sheep

These sheep are so happy.   We had an 11 hour power outage yesterday because of high winds.  So  instead of getting the shearing done, we were able to get the fence tight enough for the sheep.  And that is why the sheep are so happy (still need to finish hot wire for dogs).  Don’t they look wonderful in all that grass?

Of course, not much else was accomplished because when power was out, nothing works, not even the well.   We are so blessed in this country to have secure buildings with heat and water.   When we are out of it, I start to realize how much more difficult our ancestors lives were.   Not only our ancestors, but many in this world are still without.  We, who are so blessed, have a responsibility to pass these blessings on to others.

Quilts are one way that I can help and the sheep income will be my financial gift.

This is my yardage accounting for the week and year.

Used this Week:   Apr 7                 9.5 yards

Used year to Date                          75.625 yards

Goal:                                                   300.00 yards

Yards to goal:                                   224.375 yards

Added this Week:                               0.00 yards
Added Year to Date:                          13.00 yards

New Yards to quilt goal:                 237.375 yards
Net Used  2017                                      62.625  yards