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Time saving Fast food

We rarely eat out, but we frequently have time saving “fast food”.   I can or freeze a variety of foods.   Yesterday, we wanted soup.   How long does it take to open a jar of potatoes, one of carrots, one of green beans, two of salsa, and one of red beans.  (I could have added frozen corn or peas)   I opened the jars, added seasonings, and heated.   I added a salad and we had a meal. Now, that’s fast food that’s even faster because we didn’t go out.  It’s even less expensive because we didn’t move the car.

Today’s fast food included some soup left from yesterday, potato salad from potatoes cooked 4 days ago that I made up this morning, and by noon was cooled.   We added a spinach salad and there was another fast meal.   I took some strawberries out of the freezer and added cashew crème for dessert.

I cooked a large pan of potatoes and we had them fresh cooked that day, “fried” with tofu another day and potato salad today.  I rarely cook a meal that is just for one time.

I sometimes blend most of a jar of potatoes and add some corn and seasonings for a fast potato soup or corn chowder.  I usually can beans, carrots, and potatoes, out of season when it’s cooler, so that also warms the house for that day.  When I made patties or casseroles, I make enough for 2 or 3 meals.

I am a firm believer in fast home cooked food as it is more nutritious and less expensive than going out.  It also saves time and is another way to get more time into your day for fun things like watching sheep babies or sewing/quilting,—-or as we had to do today – visit a neighbor in the hospital.

Be aware though, if trying a new recipe that may not turn out how you think it will, one meal will be enough.   I only do the above on meals I am confident in.