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Clothes and barn supplies

Clothes either wear out or just don’t fit well anymore.  So today was the big shopping for clothes, barn supplies, and whatevers.    I like the prices at Costco, so buy whatever I can there.  Yes, I could go to thrift stores, but that takes more time than I have to go through the clothes and try them on.   So I opt for Costco, where jeans cost 14.99 and actually fit me.  So 3 pair of jean, a swim suit, and a summer dress should keep me for the rest of the year as I still have some winter tops.    I will need some summer tops, but didn’t see anything I liked.

Then off to the farm store, where I have to describe what I want, because I never know the real name of the product.    The people who last had the barn did some strange things to it, including taking all the hardware off the doors.   So I brought two kinds of wheels to keep the doors in place.   I will decide which it needs and take the other back and come home with 5 of the right ones.   In addition to that, the hooks are off the doors, so they can’t be kept closed.  The sheep have figured one of the doors out, but the second one is in a track, so they haven’t come all the way out.


My daughter and SIL brought this lovely scarf back from Thailand for me.  They had a marvelous time and highly recommend the trip.

Finally some quilting:

The name of this small table topper is SPIDRON.   It was supposed to be English paper pieced.  The date I started it says 2008.   OK, I cheated.   I had all the pieces ironed around the little cardboard type papers and was supposed to whipstitch them in place.   I tried and it looked awful.   Then I ironed everything out flat, drew around some of the pieces,  and just machine stitched it.    Had I known that was going to be the way to do it, I would have cut the pieces with 1/4″ seams, instead of random seams.   It is now in one piece and needs to be backed and possibly quilted.   I am so glad this is done.    I am not in love with English paper piecing.  That is the way some of my ufos have happened.  Do you have those kind of ufos – where you just don’t want to do it?