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Planned and changes

Well, I had planned to quilt the braided quilt top,

but couldn’t decide on a design.   And I planned to put the binding on the monster truck quilt, but that also went astray. 

  Instead, the plumber was here, working on the barn and we ended up removing many things from the barn which are now on the disposal pile which is supposed to leave tomorrow.    The middle of the barn looks pretty good.   The table holds the fleeces that I still have to skirt. And there are lights sitting there which will be installed tomorrow.

I think all these cabinets are leaving tomorrow.

After that a neighbor, Franna, came and taught me about skirting a fleece.   I didn’t have a clue what was involved.  I had been told that it just meant taking off the poopy parts.   Not so.   We picked out as much vegetation as we could (that takes a long time, if sheep have not had coats) and we checked for breaks in the fiber as well.

Here is a Cormo/Shetland cross fleece on which we worked, picking out much vegetation and other stuff.   2 fleeces took us about 3 hours. You can see here that it has a nice crimp to it – and also a bit of vegetation left.  A good wash, combing or carding, then spinning and knitting or crochet and it will be a beautiful garment someday.  It is soft and has good shine to it

And here is your sheep fix today – of the yearling ewes that will be next years mothers.

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  1. Franna Pitt says:

    It’s hard to believe we worked on them for 3 hours! Time went by so quickly.