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Pasture and barn clean up

 My helper and I spent time cleaning more junk out of the barn and out of the pasture.   This work will continue for awhile as the prior owner was a “collector” and many things such as pots with dirt and chicken fencing that has been crushed to the ground have to be cleaned out of the pasture, along with heavy blackberry vines.  We are still cleaning items out of the  barn as well.

Look how forlorn sheep looks having lost her coat.   I ordered a few coats today and when we see how they fit, will order more.

Here is Ava with a coat we dug up.   Isn’t she a princess?   She likes the coat and was very willing to let me put it on her.

I finished this table runner that I was testing – that I can’t show you until October.   So I put it away after taking this photo of the back so you can see the backing and possibly the quilting.


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  1. Your poor, naked sheep…! The twins are growing nicely!
    I hear you about the previous owner leaving “treasures” for you – we’re dealing with the same problem – trouble is, the previous owners were my parents, and there’s a fine line between “treasures” and junk. I’ve sorted through a lot of the stuff, and tossed a lot, but it will soon be time for round two. It doesn’t say much about me, if I need “stuff” to remind me of my parents and grandparents! We have a number of thrift shops around here, and some will go there, and some will just be tossed.