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Monster trucksflimsy and sheep

The Monster trucks flimsy is now in one piece.   The piece at the right with trucks will be the backing, when I get time to quilt this.   Right now, with all that is going on, I’m just happy to have this all in one piece.   Yes, I know there is a mistake and it is going to stay there at least for now and maybe forever.  There has been very little sewing time this week.

Sunday, I have been promised the rest of the sheep will be sheared.   Today another Shetland was bawling, so I went to find out why.   Of course she was on the far side of the pasture and when I came within two feet of her, she decided to lunge for the barn and that’s all it took for her to become disentangled from the blackberry vine.   They have been eating the blackberries like they are candy which is great.   But she must have cried for over 15 minutes before I got to her and then it was one long, loopy vine across her head and down one side.  Once they have their heavy coats off, I want to say it should go better in the blackberries and roses, but I doubt it.  I need to get coats and put on them to have better fleeces and my bet is they can get those coats caught on something.  Sometimes sheep are smart and sometimes not.

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  1. That truck flimsy looks great – someone’s going to be blessed by it! The backing is perfect for it – did you buy it just for this quilt, or was it in your stash?
    Sheep… They can be some of the dumbest animals…! I often tell people that it’s not a compliment when we read in the Bible that we are like sheep!