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Pilgrim geese/ Monster truck quilted

These shy little Pilgrim geese are 3 days old and currently living in the bathroom off the sewing studio.  In the next few weeks, they will be joined with another pair.

The monster truck is quilted and now waiting to be trimmed and bound.  It also will go through the washing machine to get the rest of the blood out.   Does that happen to you?   And it was just a pin!

It might have been finished but was interrupted by a trip to the nursing home to visit a neighbor, who is looking better and in good spirits.   I took her the hummingbird quilt which has been languishing at her house waiting for her return.   She was very happy with it.

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  1. Dar in MO says:

    Those little ducklings are very cute. It was nice of you to visit your friend and deliver her quilt. That would raise anyone’s spirit to receive such a nice gift.