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Thinking of Mother


It’s still 3 weeks until Mother’s Day, but I was pulling some pillows off the shelf and found these.   I’m not sure how many Mother made  – but I think she made one for each of the children (long before Joann’s had that size).   They are filled with goose down from her parents farm.  She also made the two long thin ones for in the car as well as the corduroy covered “U” shaped ones.    Somehow over the years I still have 3 of these pillows, but all the extra pillow cases have disappeared.


I am very short on children’s prints – so did what she did – used what was here.   I noticed her pink and white stripe is actually part of an old sheet with the label still on it.


This is another form of pillow she made.   It is a 6 x 7″ piece of foam, nearly the length of the door, covered with upholstery fabric.  It has a zipper on one side so it can be washed.   There are even welts on it.   She put these behind doors so door handles did not go through the wall.   I know there were several, and I am happy I did get one which brings back memories.

And for those of you interested in the little lamb, he is still being tube fed, but putting on weight.    His new mom is a older lab who has had several litters and loves cuddling him.    He looks very much like he will soon be on the bottle and placed in his forever home, where he will be able to eat the weeds under the grapes along with his new sheep friends.

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