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The garden starts


These are the tiny little potatoes I left in the ground.   They were the size of a marble.   They are nearly ready to be hilled.  This year they will produce good potatoes.

IMG_4340This lettuce and Chinese cabbage, I purchased already started and they are doing spectacular.


The romaine and leaf lettuce are finally getting with the program.

I think I may be doing much of the remaining planting while sitting.   Did you know that after cataract surgery, you can’t put your head lower than your heart for an entire month???   But that’s alright, I’ll put the started beets and cabbage in while sitting on the ground.   It’s dry in the hoop house.   The tomatoes, cukes, and melons won’t go in for another month anyway.

IMG_4337Finally, I washed the inside windows – rear and rear sides.    They were thoroughly dog slobbered from our last vet visit and this is my farm wagon – a 1991 Honda wagon.    It carries what is needed and has a dog gate as well.   Now that the sun is out, I need to be able to see again.

Other than that, clothes were washed and we made another trip to the chiropractor.   And this time I was the passenger!

As for the eyes, there is both improvement and room for more improvement