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faded blue socks and salads


Since my eyes still aren’t cooperating enough to do much sewing, I’m still working on knitting and gardening.    This is Elan’s  “Sock it to me” color puzzle.   I am using #2 needles and the pattern is K6, P2.


I keep seeing photos of salads in pint jars.   So I made enough for us to last until Thursday or Friday, depending on how hungry we are.   It is nice chopping all the veggies at one time.  It surprised me how much salad can go into a pint.  We each had one for supper and my guess is there will be times we will share a salad, depending on how filling the main meal is.   In these jars, I started with a couple walnuts, then cuke (though I won’t expect a cuke to last more than 4 days), carrots, celery, red and orange peppers, cauliflower or broccoli with lettuce on top.  Then we just turned the jar over into our salad bowls and added dressing.   Oh, how convenient!   If you look up “salad in a jar” there are many ideas.

Tomorrow at 8, I will have surgery on the other eye.  Then in a month, they will check my vision and give me corrective lenses as needed.

For those of you in flooding Texas, our prayers are with you.    I know when you asked for our rain, this isn’t what you meant.  (It was 88 and beautiful here today)