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You probably knew – but a reminder

Being a manager is hard work.

  • With cataract surgery, one is not supposed to bend down, lift more than 10#, or get water in the eye – forget about rubbing it – for a month.

  • The garden is waiting for the plants.

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So I hired 4 people today to come help – now the 4 people is because if you hire 4, you might get one or you might not.   2 fellows actually showed up for 5 hours and really worked.  It was good there were two of them to get the rototiller down the stairs as there was a section that needed tilling.    Those fellows worked hard and the one will be back for about that long tomorrow and we should have all but the warm weather crops in.  Both of these fellows work hard, when you can get them here.  One has a full time job during the week, the other doesn’t drive.  So after tomorrow, it will mostly be a matter of us keeping it fertilized, watered, and weeded.   The most difficult part – that of getting the large 2 year old weeds is done.

The person who was hired to work in the hoop house showed up late, but did come.  However, that may have been an absolute waste as even after I gave instructions, plants were not put where they should have been nor were they given much care in the transplanting.   Plants are tough, so we’ll see.   I had to be gone for a bit, so when asked why the beets had 12″ between them and the cauliflower had only 4″, I was told, she didn’t want to get up and look at what I had told her.    So that was fixed – we will know in 2 weeks how much took and where we have to start over.   At least the tomatoes, squash, beans etc can wait a month.   But managing is HARD work – really HARD work.


The  other thing that was accomplished is my daughter came over and unpacked the furniture for the guest room that another daughter had moved back with from the east coast and then didn’t have room.   The movers really packed the furniture well, so there were layers of cardboard and packing paper to remove.    Wednesday, she and I plan to buy sheets and rugs – and see what else appeals to us for the room. There is a dresser with mirror above at the foot of the bed and nightstands that don’t show in the photo.  We are open to any ideas you might have.